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Solid Timber Doors that Will Never Move: Elements Vulcan+

As architectural trends change and front doors are more exposed to climatic conditions, there is emphasis on providing doors that are stable and durable.

VULCAN+ is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber – this process enhances the timber stability.  Its chocolate brown colour and straight grain adds warmth and beauty to any entranceway.

Have you experienced bowing or cracking front wooden doors?  

Vulcan+ is definitely a successful alternative. 

Parkwood Doors have teamed up with Abodo Wood and now offer their entire range of timber doors manufactured in VULCAN+.


Abodo front with glass bead vulcan+ timberfront door woodenedited.jpg


A High Performance Alternative to Western Red Cedar 

Thermally modified wood products have grown in popularity around the world, since the technology was first commercialised in Europe during the 1990’s. Thermowood, originating from Finland, is now probably the most recognised brand. Thermal modification dramatically increases the durability and stability of wood. Aesthetically the timber takes on a deep chocolate brown colouration that’s sure to please even the most discerning wood lover! This effectively creates a new sustainable, environmentally friendly timber species.


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Brought to You Using a Unique Process

  1. Sustainable sapwood plantations are milled
  2. Natural logs are quarter sawn. It is renown that quarter sawn timber is the best, because it produces straight-grain (as opposed to wavy) and avoids knots, decreasing movement and ensuring drying happens at an even rate through the boards.
  3. Timber is dried and processed using carbon neutral heat from wood waste. Thermal modification is achieved simply by using steam and high temperatures in excess of 200 degrees celsius. The real trick to the process however is in the cooling and reconditioning phase. This is achieved by using purpose-built computer-controlled kilns that ensure every stick of timber is modified to the correct specification and quality. At the end of the process the timber is around 7% moisture content and the chemical and physical properties have been permanently changed. The resulting product has a reduced equilibrium moisture content with excellent stability and approximately 50% less swelling and shrinkage in the entry door.



  • Engineered with patented vertical grain construction
  • Retains natural attractive detail
  • Elements Vulcan+ is FSC® Certified - Internationally recognised as being sourced from responsibly managed & sustainable forests
  • Naturally durable, naturally stable, locally grown
  • Free from chemical preservatives



  • Density: 420-450 kg/m3 • Hardness: Medium-Low (3.5kN Janka)
  • Thermal Properties ~0.099 W/ (mK) (Thermal conductivity is reduced by 20-25% compared with radiata pine).
  • Compatibility - Vulcan has little or no corrosiveness on metals (equivalent to untreated softwood) and can be placed in contact
    with most building materials Normal PVA, PU, MUF glues and RF resins can be used.


Parkwood Doors are pleased to be the exclusive provider of timber entrance doors manufactured in VULCAN which has a distinct price advantage to Western Red Cedar, Oak, Ash and other timbers as well as being chemically free and naturally beautiful.


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