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How to Paint Your Front Door

The colour of your front door is a big decision for most homeowners. The colour and type of paint you choose can really set the scene and influence the impression people have when they arrive.

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5 things to look for when choosing a designer for your front door

Choosing the door that will act as the entrance to your family home is a big decision. At Parkwood, we know that creating a home that belongs to you is a process, and choosing a front door that...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Entry Door Handles and Locks

Choosing a front door for your home or an entry door for your business are big decisions with a surprising number of options. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of door materials, styles,...

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How and Why to Protect Your Traditional Timber Door

Every front door tells a story. Every groove and colour, every scuff and scratch. Even the material your door is made out of is part of the tale. In Australia the story front doors tell is often...

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Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with New Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are a popular home trend in Australia and, let's face it, they have been for more than a few decades. Whether you're updating a Heritage home with new materials for the same...

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How to Protect Your Timber Front Door

For many homeowners, there is no substitute for the strength and history of a natural timber door. You may have always dreamed of having a door of a particular colour, design, or type of wood....

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Does Your Melbourne Front Door Get Drafty in the Winter?

With the colder weather setting in, now is the time to consider if your door has a draft and fix the issue before you have to suffer in winter. Keep reading to discover why doors become drafty and...

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What Can Permanently Damage a Sydney Front Door?

Front doors can last a very long time. Some heritage houses have the same solid timber doors that were installed when the house was first built. But the lasting power of a front door is as much a...

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What to Do if Your Dream House Has an Ugly Front Door

When you're looking to buy a new home in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Sydney finding the right house can be a real challenge. Not only are there dozens of attractive options to choose from,...

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8 Ways to Include Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home

Most people think of barn doors as belonging on enormous red wooden buildings that store bales of hay and cows. But in the interior design world, a barn door is something completely different....

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