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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Front Door Stand Out

We tend to think about front doors primarily in terms of their functionality, but your home’s front door does more than let family members and guests in and out. Your front door provides one of...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Entry Door Handles and Locks

Choosing a front door for your home or an entry door for your business are big decisions with a surprising number of options. Not only can you choose from a wide variety of door materials, styles,...

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How to Install a 4-point lock and rods [video included]

This is a generic step-by-step guide of how to insert a 4-point lock into a Strata TGV design. The door has already been machined for the lock, and the top and bottom bars have been machined for...

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Choosing the Right Front Door Handle Based on Your Lifestyle

If you're thinking of front door hardware, no doubt you've already had a long hard consideration about the material of door, the style, design, and colour of door you want. Finally, it's time to...

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