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How to Stain a Composite Entry Door

Staining a composite front door can instantly create character and wow your guests. If you want to stain a composite door you need to ensure that is has a woodgrain finish to help hold the stain...

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The difference between paint-quality and stain-quality timbers

Timber is a classic front-door choice -  it’s simple, timeless and durable and can work within any home design. There are many types of timber to choose from, and they can be treated in a variety...

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How to paint a paint quality (PQ) timber door

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour or vibrancy to your timber front door, painting it can be a great option. Done correctly, painting your door can not only help it stand out in your...

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Front Door Stand Out

We tend to think about front doors primarily in terms of their functionality, but your home’s front door does more than let family members and guests in and out. Your front door provides one of...

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How to Paint Your Front Door

The colour of your front door is a big decision for most homeowners. The colour and type of paint you choose can really set the scene and influence the impression people have when they arrive.

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How to Protect Your Timber Front Door

For many homeowners, there is no substitute for the strength and history of a natural timber door. You may have always dreamed of having a door of a particular colour, design, or type of wood....

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What to Do if Your Dream House Has an Ugly Front Door

When you're looking to buy a new home in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Sydney finding the right house can be a real challenge. Not only are there dozens of attractive options to choose from,...

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What to Consider When Renovating Your Entrance-way

The front entrance of your house is an area that you wind up getting pretty familiar with. It's what you see every time you step through your front door. For some people, this is a little patch of...

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8 Feelings Your Melbourne Front Door Can Inspire

Coming home is something most of us do at least once a day. The process is so automatic we almost don't think about it. The time between getting out of the car and putting your things down inside...

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5 Adelaide Front Door Trends to Consider

Are you building a new home in Adelaide or just replacing that dented and scuffed old front door with a new one? Choosing a new front door is an unusually personal home improvement decision. After...

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