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How to Make Your New Adelaide Front Door Energy-Efficient

If you've had energy efficiency on the brain lately, you're not alone by a long shot. The craze for super-efficient homes and business, green practices, and lower power bills isn't just happening in Adelaide or even all of Australia. It's a worldwide phenomenon as people and businesses alike start to realise altogether just how easy it is to do things like replace old appliances or generate renewable energy with an investment in solar panels. 


One of the things that makes energy efficiency so oddly alluring is the fact that it can be applied to almost everything. From the devices plugged into your home to the way the house his built, almost every aspect of your life and environment can be changed or altered to save power. Turning off lights, air-drying your laundry, and fighting phantom load are all great places to start, but what if you're replacing your Adelaide front door soon? Whether it's for a larger home improvement project or that you have just decided that it's time for something new, you have every reason to do your research and come up with the most energy-efficient possible front door and installation design. Not only should your front door look good and keep back intruders, it can also help in your continued efforts to achieve a nearly non-existent power bill. Here's how to save money with your brand new front door.

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1) Weather-Stripping!

Weather-stripping is the number one go-to solution when it comes to making doors and windows energy-efficient. It comes in all shapes and sizes but almost always comes in large flat rolls. Once you decide the type of weather-stripping you prefer, carefully cut each section to the exact measurements. This will give you a chance to carefully plan the corners and ensure that every side is covered with a single continuous piece, the corners should overlay each other slightly and you may want to cut them at matching angles to create a nearly sealed weather-stripping corner that will keep the heat and occasional winter chill out of your home.

If you're not sure what kind of weather-stripping to buy for your new door, talk to your local builders, door pre-hungers or the knowledgeable experts at your local hardware store for help. If there is carpet in the front hallway, you may also need to consider how weather-stripping can drag if not mounted correctly and mount it slightly higher or replace some carpet with a tile area or better yet choose a door that can accommodate an automatic door bottom seal that is spring loaded to lift clear of the floor when the door is opened.


TGV10 Energy efficient Adelaide Front door

2) Double-Glazed Glass

Does your front door have a glass design? Many people are perfectly happy to rent in homes with plain solid doors, but everything changes when you own your own place and it's yours to do with as you please. If you're treating yourself to a new front door right here in Adelaide or in one of the surrounding neighbourhood, you may want a few beautiful, trendy, or functional glass windows set into the door itself. Whether you're looking for flowers embossed in frosted class or simple clear panels to greet visitors through, be sure that your glass inserts are double-glazed. Using argon filled double glazing improves insulation even further and is how many other homeowners and businesses have insulated their larger windows against the heat and winter chill. This will keep the outside temperatures out and the cool inviting temperature of your house indoors.


3) Insulated or Solid Design

Of course, perhaps the most important way to make your new Adelaide front door more energy efficient is when choosing what the door itself is made out of. Some door styles are far more energy efficient than others and the key to finding an incredibly secure and internally insulated door. What you're looking for is a door that is solid or has multiple layers of insulating material. While most solid-core doors are a good place to start, modern layered Composite or Fibreglass is currently the energy efficiency favourite because it is so dense, defensible, and impossible for hot or cold to get through the cutting-edge door technology in a composite/fibreglass design. With a solid and well-insulated door and double-glazed windows if any, your only remaining concern is the door frame itself and any add-ons you want to make.


Energy efficient FV door in a Adelaide home

4) Fit Perfectly to Your Door Frame

They say measure twice cut once and nowhere is that truer than installing your front door. If you know how to hang a door or are following a set of instructions online, then you may already know that doors have a recommended gap-space between the edge of the door, the floor, and the non-hinge-side door frame. The closer you can get your door installation to be perfectly spaced, the more energy efficient it will be. Ideally, you're looking to fit your door so that the door touches the frame gently without sticking and latches. Don't forget to calculate for weather-stripping, especially if you plan to (and should) put weather-stripping all the way around.


5) Sealing Pet Doors

Finally, if you're thinking about adding a letter slot or a pet door into the centre of your brand new front door, these features will also need to be seriously considered in terms of energy efficiency. Older homes with mail slots and almost all older pet doors are notoriously air-leaky and let in the hot or cold with impunity. But this is a new door and ready for your ideal use, even if that involves cutting holes for mail or pets. The best thing we can advise here is to make sure your letter slot is caulked in tightly and also weather-stripped. If you have a reliable indoor-outdoor pet, they may also want access to your new front door. In this case, look out for pet doors that seal closed when they are closed to prevent constant low-level leaking of your conditioned indoor air.

Buying a new front door is exciting for anyone, here in Adelaide and almost everywhere else in the world. This is your opportunity to express yourself through your property and show the real personality of the people inside. When you add that your new front door is also an energy efficiency upgrade for your entire home, you have good reason to celebrate your new door.


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