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Doors Plus All the Other Steps to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Improving the curb appeal of your home can often involve gardens, fences, doors plus many other features on the front of your home.  The National Association of Realtors in America says curb appeal sells more than half of all houses that go on the market. 

When it comes to your entranceway, selecting a door style is the easy bit, but when you consider doors plus hardware plus frames plus sidelights, it can look like a mountainous task ahead.  However!  Don’t let procrastination set in.  We’ve gathered all the steps together to renovate your entrance way to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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One - Assess

Do an assessment of what needs doing to improve your curb appeal.  Try literally standing out on the footpath across the road with a clipboard and note down everything you’d ever think of (doors plus painting plus weeding plus…).  Walk up and down the street both ways looking back at the house and the general road frontage.  Next time you’re on your way home, drive on past as if you’re a home-buyer studying a house for its street appeal, to decide whether to go to an open home. 


Two – Ideas

Check out online visual home improvement sites to get ideas on how you can make improvements to the parts you spotted that need improvement.  Save these design ideas in a central place to refer back to.  Add any new tasks to you list you can think off.

Pinterest and Houzz are good for this. Check out Parkwood’s collection of home fronts to give ideas on how to improve your street appeal.


Three – Must-haves and Nice-to-haves

Run through your list and mark it either ‘must-have’ or ‘nice-to-have’


Four – Prioritise

Prioritise all ‘must-have’ tasks by numbering with a 1 beside the highest priority, 2 beside the next highest.   Do the same with ‘nice-to-have’ starting at 1 beside the highest priority. 


Five – Budget

Work out your budget – what you’re happy to allocate to improving your curb appeal.  Apart from calculating this on possible funds, think in terms of the return you’ll receive on house resale if you carry out your list of improvements.  You can get a reliable real-estate agent to help on this, but always go with their lower estimation.  For example, if they say a new fence and gate will improve the property value by $20,000-$50,000, run with $20,000, meaning you wouldn’t want to do a new fence for over $10,000. 

For more on ways to improve your curb appeal, read 4 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Street Appeal


Six – Get Quotes

Put estimates beside each item on your list.  To work out costs of each task, try using or Create an account and post the largest tasks.  You’ll receive quotes back for most jobs within 1 day.  Ask for the estimated timelines to complete their tasks to help with your planning. 


Download Checklist, Budget and Timeline Planner to Boost Curb Appeal [Free  Excel Template]

Seven – Match Budgets to Priorities

Add up the ‘must-haves’ starting by adding priority 1 and 2.  Put the total beside 2, and add 3, noting the new total beside 3.  Continue on doing this until you reach the bottom of your list  compare this toyour budget.  If you’re over, you may need to revise your priorities.

If you’re selling the home, think, is this really going to increase the home’s value (add value in the eyes of a potential buyer) or do I just think it is important because of my emotional attachment to the home?

In an area that is growing, where real-estate is in high demang, a lot of ‘nice-to-haves’ will be possible and will also generate good return.  We live in an age where real estate is becoming scarcer and more of the incoming immigrants, in the growing eastern middle classes, can afford it.  Consumers are also becoming more demanding and selective, so a point of difference on a home’s front can sometimes hit their sweet spot and make them fall in love with it (and that’s when the price sensitivity starts to fade)!


Eight – Timeline

Create a timeline by laying the tasks out in time order and assigning dates to them using the time estimates from the pricing you received.  (Always go with the longer time estimate.)


Nine – Award Contracts

Award contracts to your chosen handyman site or to your builders. 


Ten – Share Timeline

Share your timeline with your handy-men or builders.  This is so they know how important it is that they perform.  The more information they have, the greater the relationshipand the more they’ll perform. 


Boost your Street Appeal with this tool [Free Excel Template] 


So there you have it.  Doors plus all the other tasks to improve the street appeal of your home. 

We would love your feedback on these steps, so please leave your comments below. 


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