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10 Good Reasons Why You Need a New Front Door

Whether you have just bought a home or have lived in the same one for a long time, it's hard to even think of your front door and yet every day people are replacing their old front doors for style, utility, or both. Some people replace their doors as part of a massive renovation project while others need a new front door and nothing else.

Why, you might ask, would anyone need to replace their front door? After all, it's just a door, right? There are dozens of good reasons why people might need a new front door and once you hear our top ten, you might realise that you're one of those people. 


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1) Someone Broke Your Old One

Has some hooligan, family member or otherwise, been treating your front door like a jungle gym? It's often hard to keep children and adult goofballs alike from swinging on anything with a hinge and the front door is just so darn sturdy. Or perhaps a mostly helpful someone was moving furniture and cracked your decorative windows or dented the door clear through the paint. If your front door has been structurally or even just aesthetically damaged, you have a very good reason to seek a new one on the double.


2) You Have a Badly Sized Dog Door

Dog doors are a wonderful thing, that is when you have the right sized dog to use them. Many styles of dog door are made to fit into a hole cut right into the front door itself, but this is only useful if the current home owners have a dog that fits in the space. If your front door has a doggy flap but you don't have a pet to use it, or the hole itself is the wrong size for your dog, there's very little you can do about that big AC-leaking hole in your front door except replace it with a new one you like better anyway.


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3) Your Door is Not Secure Enough

Not all front doors are the same in terms of security. Some have metal sheathing, solid cores, and reinforced sides while others are made of soft or unsealed wood, have warped with age, or have taken damage in a way that compromises their ability to keep intruders out of your home. If your door no longer meets your standards of personal security, it's time to get a new one.


4) The Front Door Swells and Sticks

Some wood doors, when combined with warm and humid weather, swell up to a larger size than they were cut to fit. This is a natural quality of wood but can become a problem when your door swells enough to stick in the frame. If your door is sometimes unreasonably difficult to pull open or pushed closed, ambient moisture is often the culprit. Rather than fight with your door every time it rains, why not just get one that will look great made of something like fibreglass, aluminium, or properly treated timber that won't swell.


5) You Are Cooling the Whole Neighbourhood

Is that draft around your front door more than new weather stripping can fix? Not all front doors are tightly sealed enough to keep out the elements, which can put a big dent in your power bill whether it's hot or cold outside. Unsecured door windows and edges that don't fit snugly into the weather stripped frame will have your climate control leaking into the neighbourhood at a steady and financially noticeable pace. The cost of a new door is far outweighed by the money you'll save by keeping your AC on the inside.


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6) You're Going For a New Look

It's remodeling time! Most home owners go through at least one remodeling phase, and why should you be any exception. Maybe you started with the kitchen and got carried on from there or maybe you always wanted to have a specific design of front door and now is your chance. Paint it to match your trim or choose some bold, unique color that declares to the neighborhood that you are one hot designer. Whatever you do with your new front door, you're sure to do it with style.


7) Unsightly Dents and Scratches

Sometimes a door is still perfectly functional but has still seen better days. Whether you and the front door have been through some crazy times or the door was already pretty banged up when you moved in, there's no reason for your home to face the neighbourhood with a dingy front door. If your door has taken more than its fair share of scrapes or even just one really big one, you have every reason to replace it with a new front door you can be proud to see as the entrance to your home.


contemporary aluminium front entry door in entranceway (10).jpg

8) Water Between the Glass Panes

If your door seems alright but there is obvious moisture between the panes of decorative glass, this is a bad sign. It means that even if the edges of your door fit snugly, there is some movement of atmosphere between the panes of glass. This can permit mold to grow or rot to form inside your door. If the panes were supposed to be filled with an insulating gas, moisture is also a sure sign that it has lost this quality and the gas has escaped. When this happens, there's nothing you can do but either replace the glass and have it re-sealed or skip that special hassle and get yourself a better door, one that is well-sealed and will last you a long time without worry.


9) Just Paid Off Your Mortgage

There is a tradition that is gaining popularity to paint your front door red when you pay off your mortgage. Because this task usually takes a very long time and a lot of diligence, it feels worth celebrating in some permanent way that can be proudly displayed on the home and a red door is a fun way to declare your complete home ownership and financial freedom. While you could pull down your old door, paint it red, re-seal it, and hang the door back up, why not just reward yourself with a beautiful new red front door to celebrate? You can still have the barbecue at the re-hanging.


10) Because You Want To

Maybe there's nothing wrong with your door at all except that you can do better. You deserve to have a front door that is really "You", not just the one your house came with. Maybe you want a new material, different windows, or a completely different design altogether. You can have big, beautiful, traditional door, a french door with floaty curtains, or a sleek modern door with geometric windows. The front door of a home should somehow represent the person who lives inside.

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